Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender OJS 3.4.0-1

How to configure OJS 3.4.0-1 to use Sendmail?

In my case, to use Sendmail, the email of the main contact of the journal must match the domain, that is, if the domain is “” the email of the main contact of the journal must be “” in where xxx is any name (for example: editor).

The configuration in the file must be the same as the default (if sending fails, make sure that the path for Sendmail on your server is the one indicated in sendmail_path, that is: “/usr/sbin/ sendmail”) :


; Default method to send emails
; Available options: sendmail, smtp, log, phpmailer
default = sendmail

; Path to the sendmail, -bs argument is for using SMTP protocol
sendmail_path = “/usr/sbin/sendmail -bs”

; Use SMTP for sending mail instead of mail()
; smtp=On

; SMTP server settings
; smtp_server =
; smtp_port = 25

; Enable SMTP authentication
; Supported smtp_auth: ssl, tls (see PHPMailer SMTPSecure)
; smtp_auth = ssl
; smtp_username = username
; smtp_password = password

¡This worked for me!

What app are you using?
For example, OJS 3.4.0-1

Hi @David_Alarcon_davidy

Have you reviewd DMARC configuration on your file? Please, see the documentation: