Macedonian translation

What it takes to translate OJS in Macedonian. I see there is a OJS v2. how to use that?

A translation from OJS 2.x will not work directly in OJS 3.x. We did some recent work at the Pittsburgh Sprint to update the Translation Documentation for OJS 3.x, though.

but is it better than to start from screech?

OJS 2.x to OJS 3.x is a major application re-write. You’ll need to review each translated key, so I think starting a fresh translation would be the best approach.

It would be tempting to copy the 2.x locale XML files into a 3.x install, but this would give a false sense of security in seeing a phrase which appears to be translated, but which has since been modified and is in fact obsolete.

Our translation manager, @mtub, might have different or additional recommendations.

The easiest way is to use the language pack of neighboring languages Serbian (Cyrillic) or Bulgarian and correct it to Macedonian. how to do this?

You would follow the instructions in the documentation for creating a new locale “from scratch”:
but instead of manually creating the files in mk_MK, copy the files from sr_RS@cyrillic.

so the file that will be translating is only available at my site? or it will be available for all interested parties?

Once you have translated the file locally, you are encouraged to contribute it for inclusion in the standard application. See: