Lost connection during rebuilding search index - error 255

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I’ve finally upgrade our OJS to OJS 3.2.1-4 and moved whole system from and old server to cPanel. You can see our installation here (https://journals.muni.cz/), not all journals on main page are in OJS but you can see some examples here (https://journals.muni.cz/cpvp or https://cyberpsychology.eu).

After the whole process I wanted to rebuild search index and run command “php tools/rebuildSearchIndex.php”, but I lost connection during indexing and now every php command (rebuildSearchIndex, upgrade, runScheduledTasks) gives me an error 255 without any specification. Nothing’s in error log.

Could someone help me determine, if it is a problem on server/cPanel or something with my installation what blocks using commands throught terminal, please?

Thank you very much for every tip or help.
Have a nice weekend.
Radek :slight_smile:

Error 255 means your php is not able to report the errors (usually is a php miss-configuration):

I fast solution could be calling the php interpreter with display_errors parameter as follows:

$ php -d display_errors=on tools/rebuildSearchIndex.php

Didn’t test myself, but it should do the job.

Once you remove the 255 error, we well be able to discover the real issue, but… my guess?
A timeout or server resource limit is hitting you.

Indexing is a very intensive task in terms of cpu and time.

If you can’t fix the 255 error (sometimes hosting services don’t let you play with this), I would try setting timeout limits to 0 (forever) and run the script again.


Hi Marc,

thank you for your answer. You were right, it’s some kind of limitation of cPanel. We are still tuning the server setting and it’s going better.

Have a nice day,

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