Lookup table for EBSCO Discover Service

We are currently configuring our OJS instance to be harvested by EBSCO Discovery Service. This requires us to create a Collection Name Lookup Table. However, I’m having trouble understanding what should go into which fields of the table. Can somebody advise?

Here’s a link to our ListSets output: view-source:https://ojs.deakin.edu.au/index.php/index/oai?verb=ListSets

And here’s an image of the Lookup Table instructions:

Thanks :slight_smile:

By default, OJS exposes the article Sections as sets. If you are ok with the Sections being the “Collection Names” for the purposes of EBSCO Discovery Service, you can provide additional display formats in the requested table. You may instead want to specify that Collection Names not be used, or that the Collection Name be drawn from a different attribute (the Source, perhaps?).