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I’ve been reading some forums and it looks like the only way to include a logo AND journal title in the header of OJS 3.1 is to create a logo with the journal title in it. Is this true? Or is there a way to add the logo and then add the journal title separately into the header? I haven’t yet found a way to do so

Its true.
You cannot add both separately.

That’s too bad. We’re in the middle of migrating 30 journals from Digital Commons to OJS. In DC there is that option, so I suppose we’re going to have difficulty replicating our journals’ aesthetics. Are there any plans to change this?

Well you can. Use the indexing area of the main settings. Put the link of the logo and then add the title name or the image. You can literally do anything within OJS.

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I did not know that!

Thanks! Could you expand on this? I went to Settings > Website > Appearance and added the logo where it asked. Doing so then replaced the title name. Do you know what I did wrong here, by chance?

Nope. Go to settings>Distribution>Custom Tags

Add images like:

<img src="Your Logo Image Link"><img src="Your Title Image link">

or You can type as well (with some font designing and all).

Alternatively, You can also edit headerhead.tpl as well likewise. You might have to remove the codes for the journals name from the header.tpl file

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If you could provide a screenshot of how/where to do this, that would be most helpful!

Ohhh, makes sense! We don’t have access to the server at our library (it’s taken care of by Scholars Portal), so we won’t be able to edit the header that way. Nevertheless, I will give what you suggested a try and report back. Any other tips? (ie. how to design the font this way?)

POr favor me podrías indicar como hago para que la imagen de mi logo aparezca más grande y centrado.


Hi @Pandora_ramin,

You appear to have posted the same question numerous times – please don’t post the same question more than once, as it clutters the forum.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi all, hi @emilycarlisle!

How is with this problem today :?).
I tried to add a logo, but it replaced the site name.

Another trick is to add the title (or any other text) in the CSS of the theme you are using, e.g. by editing the

plugin/themes/{yourtheme}/styles/head.less file

.pkp_structure_head {
     background-color: @bg-base;

     // add some text
     &:after {
          content: 'text to be added';
          // additional CSS properties for positioning and formatting

Caveat: Text is static and does not change upon language change.

Yeah, text is static ). But I use two languages.
From header.tpl {if}{else} to remove … :?)

Solved ). Now it works.

Buenas tardes. realicé el cambio de la imagen del logo y cambié la descripción de la imagen pero me sigue apareciendo el logo antiguo.
Agradecería mucho si me pudieran decir si las imagenes antiguas se almacenan en algún lugar y pueden ser eliminadas para que esto no ocurra.
Muchas gracias por la atención.