Login from main site

Using an upgraded 2.4 to 3.1 version.

When logging in as a reviewer on the main page http://xxx/index.php it works fine, but when I click on the dashboard link
I get the following error:
Is it possible to came to a page where I can choose which journal (of the ones I have access to) I want to go to.

Hi @eddoff

Is this user a reviewer only ? Please enable enable show_stacktrace to debug what OJS is showing you as error.

Israel Cefrin
Public Knowledge Project Team

I have enabled show_stacktrace now, but I cannot see anything happen! Where does that debug messages go? Did not get anything in the php-log.


we noticed this behavior, too. It is logical since logging in from the main page of a multi-journal installation would bring you to the ‘admin’ page in the backend to which only the site admin has access to. Nevertheless, it is quite confusing to editors and reviewers alike. They always have to go to the page of the respective journal first and then log in.
It would be nice to have an additional page in the backend, where all journals the respective user has access to are listed and to which one would be led when logging in from the main page (of a multi journal installation). I think, this is what @eddoff suggested, too?


Yes, that’s what I suggested! A backend landing page with links to the journals I have access to. Can someone add this as an request in git (if there isn’t one already)?

This is really useful for multi journal OJS.