Login does not work on one PC but does on another one

in spring we were playing with upgrade of OJS installation, which did not succeed so we rolled back to older version and plan to upgrade in the fall this year but till then we need to upload conference proceedings of 100+ articles.

What is interesting is that on my laptop I can login, but on another PC I cannot. I enter the login info on that PC and it forwards me to
this page (see the strange path):

Password change function works on that PC, but not login.
The key to answer why is probably in that strange path but I have no idea why it gets gnerated on PC and not laptop. I would certinaly like the login to work on all PCs we got…
Thank you

Hi @nicknamed,

It may well be a cookie issue, potentially caused by the failed upgrade – I would suggest removing any related cookies (they’re usually called OJSSID) in your browser on the machine that’s having trouble.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team