Localization of OJS

We want to translate OJS to our language Azerbaijani. How can we do this?

Can you please provide steps to do this?


Hi @Yusif,

Have a look at the Translating OJS document on our wiki; also tagging @mtub, who generously manages our translations.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @Yusif,

thank you for you interest in translating OJS.

In general, the original (English) language files of OJS can be found in two repositories:

You’d have to add similar directories for your language - this would be az_AZ. And you’d have to add this line to /registry/locales.xml, so that OJS knows of your language:

<locale key="az_AZ" complete="false" name="Azerbaijani" iso639-2b="aze" iso639-3="aze" />

You could then build your translation according to the English XML files (see documentation links below).

If - and this is of course what we prefer - you are willing to contribute your translation to the OJS project, there are several ways to do this.

One way to suggest the inclusion of your translation in the OJS code is to use GitHub (if you are familiar and comfortable with git and GitHub)

  • fork the OJS repository
  • add your translation to appropriate folders (e.g. /locale/az_AZ/)
  • commit and push to your repository
  • file a pull request

We also support other ways and we can have a look at your code to identify possible issues. I will follow-up with you via PM.

We are working on improving our documentation for translators. For the moment, I can refer you to:

Again, thanks for your interest. I hope that you succeed with your translation and that you contribute your translation to the project.