Local language translation problem

We are using OJS and installing fresh OJS for the local language but the menu bar not translating into the local language.

Error during local language installation.
ojs languege error

Hi @shantanusingh,

Actually what is visible in the picture is a translation that is not complete. The messages that are not translated are these ‘strange’ labels.
What you can do is help with the translation and finish it: https://docs.pkp.sfu.ca/translating-guide/en/

Regards, Primož

Thanks for your reply…
provided link give some clues, I tried them and it is working but in theme section, language is not changed if we add in local.po (bellow attached image)
ojs plugins languege error

Above Theme problem is solved.
But how to locate variable name for the particular location.

bellow are some example motioned
ojs translation pro 2
ojs translation pro 1
ojs translation pro

Hi @shantanusingh

The best approach I would say is to go invest and translate all the messages.
Searching for a particular message is a bit complicated:

  • either you search for the variable in the Weblate UI
  • or search for the variable in English language directly on the server filesystem

Regards, Primož

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Thank your for suggestion and reply.
I am working on it and will reply soon.