Listing of things that can be "cleared out and rebuilt"?

In OJS 3x, is there a listing of items/tables that can be cleared out / tables that can be truncated? For instance I know that citations and search objects can be truncated and rebuilt (obviously, with potentially significant effort). Are there other items that can also be cleared out when upgrading?

Hi @AndrewGearhart,

Can you explain a little further what you mean by “cleared out and rebuilt”? What specific version of OJS 3 are you referring to (if I had to guess, do you mean 3.3?)

PKP Team

I mean OJS 3 in general, but yes, I’m currently headed to My goal is in looking for the database in general, the things which can be cleared out/repopulated. There are numerous tables and it seems that there are some such as:

  • citations (which I saw… somewhere around here can be rebuilt)
  • search index (rebuilt with tools/rebuildSearchIndex)

In my case, with several large journals in one installation, the search index is exceedingly large (4-5gb and millions of rows). This made re-staging the database after multiple failed updates in my sandbox … arduous. It would be great if there was a way to ‘prepare’ the database for an upgrade. Slim it down, check for duplicates, character encoding/collation/foreign-key/index problems… before running the upgrade. Perhaps, even, there is… and I just don’t know about it. +AG