List and merge unique users enrolled to a single conference in OCS

I want to remove a conference including all its unique users from OCS I found that I can list the users connected to a conference, but how can I know the enrollment in other conferences so that I am not removing users active in another conference? Then I want to use the merge tool so that the user information is removed from the system.

Hi @eddoff,

That’s more of a database question – are you handy with SQL? If so, you’ll need to write up a query that looks for user_ids in the roles table that only have sched_conf_id / conference_id values corresponding to the scheduled conference or conference you’re removing.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Dear @asmecher
Thank you for the reply!
I am trying with phpMyAdmin now, but I can not figure out how to formulate the syntax in the SQL query.
I want to list all users with any role(s) connected to a specific conference, but in the meantime not connected to any other conference.

Another question. In which order should I do this procedure? Is this correct?
-First find the users to be removed - get a list of user_id:s from sql-query.
-Remove the conference in the backend web-interface
-Merge the listed users with the merge tool.

Best regards, @eddoff