Links of type $$$call$$$

Description of issue or problem I’m having:
I just installed OMP 312 and OJS 321 in test on a Red Hat8 linux server.
Both are installed in a nested path, not in the document root of apache httpd.
I’m just trying to have a test environment which is mirrored to my production servers.

I see that both have problems trying to get links of this type:

The strange problem is that the browser gives me a 200 http return code, but nothing happens. I am not sure what do they mean and how do they work.

  1. Can someone explain briefly the meaning of $$$call$$$ links and how they are resolved?

  2. Secondly, I did not find info on how to debug OMP/OJS. Is there a log to look into? How to activate debugging?

Thanks a lot for your support.

Hi @joelfan,

I can’t really speak to the $$$call$$$ links - some of our developers or other community members may wish to weigh in, but for the debugging options - you can set these in and also the PHP error log often gives indication if there are any errors going on with your OJS/OMP install.

PKP Team

Thank you so much Roger.

I saw the recommendations in the manual (Troubleshooting).
Unfortunately the specific situation does not give error, it gives back a 200 http return code, so I cannot debug.

For this link that does not give error, I do not know how to debug.
I hope somebody can help.