Linking to additional fles on article landing page

Hi! OJS 3.1.1 and I have journal admin rights.

Is there any way to link to additional onsite audio files from the article landing page using a direct link? I have added several audio files as article supplements (additonal galleys) and would like to link to these files from within the pdf (i.e not embed the audio files within the pdf). The problem is that OJS renames the files and to get the actual path to the audio file for linking is tricky. It can be done but you have to know the new file name + the numeric directory name OJS creates for each galley to be able to get this link.

Also, the additional files will be displayed on the article landing page but the links there only point to the galley directory, so at least on my system clicking on that label only allows you to download the audio file, not play it directly.

Any help is appreciated on both!


You can upload by ftp those files and put proper links in pdf.

Hi, thanks for your reply. I would like the file list be visible on the article landing page, as well, and adding the files as additional galleys seems to be the easiest way for that. I only have journal admin rights and I cannout use ftp as such, I think.

There is option that you can keep on other place and define that galley will be on remote link. Are those files big? Did you try to add them as additional galley?

As I said, I have indeed added them as additional galleys, and I do not want remote hosting. Please see my first post.

Add them as galley after pdf. But, check are you allowed to add/upload files of some size that might be smaller of size of your files.

Hi again, I have no problems with uploading the files or their size. My questions are are mentioned in the first post: especially, I’m looking for an easier way to get the link to the actual galley (audio) file within OJS system.

The link to that audio file: should be something like this:
You do not need to know file name because that URL will open audio player in browser with option to listen and or download.
That is not elegant but it is possible like this:

  1. you put audio galley
  2. Click on blue triangle and than put cursor on Edit that appears bellow.
  3. You will see representation number on complex URL showing in browser below
  4. You put URL as I defined it above in your pdf and wehn someone clicks on that it should appear.

Please check and let me know if it works/

Hi, @vvucic (cc @asmecher)
I can see the numbers and links, but OJS won’t allow to open the sound file in browser, there is only option to download it. Tried with both Chrome and Firefox, and compared with regular html file linking to audio files, which were opened in the browser. Is it perhaps a security thing built into OJS?


Hi Everyone, I’m looking for a simplest way to get the link to the actual gallery (audio) file within OJS system.

Audio files are usually big (1 minute of stereo recording sampling rate 441.kHz resolution 16bit is slightly more than 10 Mbs) and download managers in browsers should offer option to open audio playback application or download.

Hi, in my case the audio files are small (under 500 KB each), but the problem is not with the browser but with OJS’s behaviour. When I make a simple local html page linking to audio files and open it in browser, the files play OK. When I use file links in OJS (which I get after adding the audio files as additional galleys), I have no possibility to play them in the browser, only download option.

Which format of files you put in your OJS? Mp3, m4a, wav?

I have 6 files in mp3 and 2 in wav.

I tested on one my installation of OJS and my Firefox offered me to open it in player or to download it.

Well, yes, my Chrome is set on opening mp3 and wav files directly, so I don’t get this window, and normally the audio files open with an audio player within the browser. But what I can’t get my head around is why this default does not function with OJS!

I think that this is more issue of browser. If you want OJS to have player than it should be some plugin created for that purpose.

But why should opening the same file type be different in OJS, still using the same browser?

I did another test. I made two html files with links to the audio: in one case, the audio files were stored locally, in other case, I included links to audio galleys in OJS. In the first case, the audio files started playing in the browser, in the second case, I only got download option. Thus, this cannot be the problem of the browser but rather related to the way OJS serves these files (php issue?).

This is not php issue. Maybe you should check in is there anything related to format of files. But, as I sent you screenshot i uploaded mp3 as galley and used link in browser and I have got option to download or play the file.