Link to submission files appearing on published article

We’ve recently upgraded from version 2.4 to 3.0.0 and we’re facing a situation. Some of the articles published in our magazines show links not only to the final PDF version but also to some other files, like the original submission.

An example can be seen here:

I’ve tried to check on the database, but I’m clueless there, I’m also adding here a screenshot from what we’re facing there.



Hi @Marcos_Cardoso,

What do you have as your galley files for these files? Please see here: Chapter 14: Editorial Workflow (please note that this documentation is for 3.1 so it might work differently - 3.0 is quite out of date (as is 3.1) so I would recommend that you do upgrade when you get the chance.

PKP Team

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Thx for the tip! Just checked on the database and found out how to solve it.

And yes, an upgrade to 3.1 and afterwards to the latest version is in our plans asap.

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dentro de fluxo editorial, vc configura o componente do artigo e deixa em branco, se deixar acionado aparece na publicação, qualquer duvida, entre

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