Link to external pdf as a submission


we have a University project in which we’d like to publish several articles. These articles are stored in a system of the University, where every article gets a unique URN.
Now we want to have a seperate homepage on our own where we want to use ojs for publishing. We want to refer to the articles that are stored in this external system instead of hosting the articles on our server where ojs is installed (because of the URN).
How can we achieve that?

btw: sorry for the poor English…

Hi @marx,

Under the submission’s Layout area, you should see the text “Create remote…” permitting you to create a remote galley. Use that to specify a URL to the remote PDF file.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hey @asmecher,

thank you for your answer. Unfortunately I didn’t find the area where I can create a remote galley.
I’ve been looking for it as a journal manager and author, but it doesn’t show up (or I am blind).
It would be great if someone gave me a hint :slight_smile:

If the articles are already in the submission workflow, you would find this as an Editor. Navigate to the submission, then select Editing, and look under the Layout area.

I don’t think there is a remote galley submission option for an author.