Link for authors to connect ORCID iD in OJS 3.2


I am trying to include a link for authors to connect their ORCID iD to their profiles, and I am unable to find a hyperlink that will do this. Is there any way to generate a hyperlink for this?


Hi @Rachel,

If I understand you correctly, are you trying to do this retroactively for authors? For example, these are authors that have published in your journal previously, and you’re trying to get them to update their profiles? I don’t think there is a way of generating a hyperlink to do this, but rather authors would have to login and update their profiles manually. FYI: we updated our ORCID plugin guide recently: ORCID Plugin Guide - you may find some helpful information in there as well.

PKP staff

Hi @Rachel

After activating the ORCID profile plugin, and entering orcid api and client id values, you may send an email to request authorization from each author. If you have published the article, you have to temporarily unpublish it on OJS 3.2 or higher. When you check the option “Send email to request ORCID authorization…” and save, an email will be sent to registered email of the author.

Publication → Contributors → Edit author metadata

Unfortunately, you have to request the authorization for each author one by one in this method.

Each user can link his orcid profile to OJS public profile using the “Connect ORCID iD” button on Public tab, but this add his orcid id only during submission of a new article, has no effect on previous submissions (screenshot 4).

Please look at the screenshots,

  1. Screen Shot 2021-01-18 at 19.22.12

  2. Screen Shot 2021-01-18 at 19.29.17

  3. Screen Shot 2021-02-06 at 19.55.35

  4. Screen Shot 2021-02-06 at 19.57.34

Hi all,

Thank you for your helpful responses. I did already use the method of requesting author authorizations individually. I was hoping to find a way to generate a link to post on our website for current authors to easily update their profiles or add it to their publications by clicking the link, rather than explaining that they need to update their profiles manually. It sounds like that’s not possible - is that correct?

Hi @Rachel,

I’m afraid there’s not really away of doing this in the way you described. The ORCID plugin doesn’t have this functionality, nor is there a way to generate a link in the way that you described (at least not any that I’ve seen) - authors have to update their profile manually.

PKP staff

Hi Roger,

Thanks for letting me know!