Limiting the words in the abstract

We’re having trouble limiting the words in the abstract. We have several sections, two of which are open to the author and the remaining three are open to the editor. We have started transferring older articles from the old website to the new OJS platform via the QuickSubmit plugin. In all sections, we have limited the number of words in the abstract to 201. Since some abstracts exceed this number, we haven’t set a word limit or increased the limit to 500 words in the sections where we publish articles. When saving the record, the program still warns that the abstract has too many words and should be shortened. Only when we increased the limit for the other sections as well, for example to 500 words, or removed the limit, we were able to save the record. Now we’re interested in whether there is a bug in the program, because it seems logical to us that the restriction should only affect the records in the section where we limited the number.
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Has anyone had similar problems with this?

Hi, @asmecher
Maybe you have a solution to this problem regarding Limiting the words in the abstract?
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