Legth of title of section in OJS

Where I can modify length of title of section so I can enter longer titles of sections in OJS


I found in /templates/controllers/grid/settings/section/form/sectionForm.tpl
and I edited value in line 30
{fbvElement type=“text” multilingual=true id=“title” label=“section.title” value=$title maxlength=“160” size=$fbvStyles.size.MEDIUM inline=true required=true}
so I can eneter titles with long scientific names.
Maybe this will be useful to someone.


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There isn’t a restriction on the length of the title in the database. I’d recommend removing it from the form, rather than just increasing it.

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If I understood well your suggestion is to remove maxlength=“number”

Yes. In my opinion, the frontend UI should no impose arbitrary restrictions on the input length.

I want the title of each section to appear in the table of contents for the reader.I’m usin OJS

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Hi @ctgraham, I noticed that the restriction on title lenght is still there, do you know why?
We use 3.1.2-4, is still safe to cut maxlength=“80”?
I’m thinking to make a pull request to change the tpl in future versions, do you think it would be a good idea?
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That restriction is listed under the “to be evaluated” heading of this ticket:

Since the title field does not appear in the sections schema:

I presume it is sections_settings table, in which case the setting_value is unconstrained in the database:

If you confirm that and successfully test removing the limit, please comment here or on the Github Issue to note that this entry can be moved from “To be evaluated” to “Remove limit”.