LDAP plugin - OJS3

Hello everyone, after reading the thread OJS3 - LDAP plugin about the authentication using LDAP in OJS 3 started 2 years ago and see what they say it has not yet has advanced; I found this page Open Journal Systems: LDAP Authentication Plugin where they talk about this plugin detailing the classes with the methods to achieve authentication with LDAP and it says that it is for OJS 3. I thought the plugin was there and I just needed to download it. It is not like this? This page does not have to do with the project?


Good question. The Doxygen documentation is automatically generated from the source code. In the move from 2.x to 3.x we copied the entire source code from 2.x as the basis of 3.x. So, in the current 3.x source code, the old 2.x-compatible LDAP plugin still exists. It will not work with 3.x, and it is excluded from the release by the packaging scripts.