LDAP integration


The behaviour of ldap plugin is very strange on OJS 2.4.8-2.
You need first to create a magazine and only then you can add users and define authentication sources for that user.
This is not how people expect to ldap to work, ldap should be a global Authentication method…

Another problem is that OJS does not allow usernames containing dot!!!. Almost all our users have dot in their uid, so this makes ldap on this version of OJS useless.

Does OJS Version 3 resolves this ldap issues?


Hi @coelho,

Relaxing OJS usernames to permit . characters will require modifying the user registration form – see classes/user/form/RegistrationForm.inc.php:

$this->addCheck(new FormValidatorAlphaNum($this, 'username', 'required', 'user.register.form.usernameAlphaNumeric'));

Pluggable authorization support in OJS needs a rewrite, and that is underway in OJS 3.x. Meanwhile the LDAP plugin has known limitations.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks for your response.

I think it is better to wait for a the fully functional ldap in version 3.x…