LDAP Authentication Plugin

I followed the manual here attempting to configure LDAP in my OJS

I did not seem to have plugins/auth/ldap, so I got it from GitHub. I can see it in the plugins listing, but there is not a configuration page as described in the manual above (Administration > Site Management > [only Hosted Journals and Site Settings]).

I also tried Shem’s older LDAP plugin as I found in this forum and on GitHub, but if that exists in plugins/generic/ldap, my plugins page won’t load, the spinner just keeps spinning.

PHP 7.2.34
Apache, CentOS7

Has anyone gotten LDAP configured and working?
Where should the LDAP plugin config page show if not here?

Hello @maifeld,

You may wish to have a look at this forum post here, that discusses some issues that users have encountered in configuring LDAP with OJS in some detail.

Best regards,

PKP team

Hello Maifeld,

I am also experiencing same issue. Were you able to resolve the problem? If so, could you please share how did you get it working?

Nikhil Motwani

Negative. A higher priority now is upgrading our OJS version in the hopes that that will make it just work.

Hi all,

If you haven’t considered OpenID, there is a plugin for recent releases in the Plugin Gallery. OpenID has the added benefit of allowing single sign-on, whereas LDAP only supports a shared user database (but will require separate login to each service). There hasn’t been much use/development/support of LDAP in OJS; you might also consider something like Shibboleth.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team