Larger issue cover

hello to all what I would like is that in the issues of the magazine appear bigger cover, larger than the articles. is this possible? From already thank you very much!
i use version
OJS 3.1.0-1

If you mean that you want the issue cover image to be larger than it is now, then you probably just need to edit

To preserve your modification, you could create a child theme:

@ajnyga thank you, the problem that arises is that by modifying the size parameters of the cover image of the issue, it also modifies the size of the images of the articles. and I just want to change the size of the isssue image. Any suggestions? Thanks for the help

Maybe just edit the template and add another css class there and add the style changes to that class.

Best way to do this is a child theme.

@ajnyga if I thought exactly that, but I thought there was already a class for it, thank you very much for your help