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I am having an issue with the language setting for my ojs version: It is fine when using the English setting, but it looks weird when setting the language to Bahasa Indonesia

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Searching from the same keywords, some lead to relevant answers.

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There are some answers from searching, but I am afraid if it is not success, it might ruin my journal setting.

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Some phrases seem to be missing the equivalent in your language (Bahasa Indonesia).
These two plugins will help you:
Default Translation Plugin: This plugin enables the display of English text when the current UI language is lacking a translation of that text.
Custom Locale Plugin: This plugin enables customization of the default user interface text used by OJS and OMP.

Your language file has too many expressions that need to be translated

where can I get these two plugins? I found this one ojs/plugins/generic/customLocale at ojs-stable-2_4_8 · pkp/ojs · GitHub, but it has some issues with its compatiblity on ojs

Dear Ryan

To fix some of language translation on OJS we have clearly explain it to an article.

I hope it will help you.



Hi ryann2k1

Default translation, as mentioned above, should solve your problem, you can get it here. Custom locale is only compatible with OJS 3.2 and above. In fact, you should upgrade your install.

Best regards,

Josh Noronha (he/his)
Systems Specialist
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