Keywords separator


I’d like to know if the semi-colon is strictly necessary as a keyword separator.
If so, is there an easy way to change the separator from comma to semi-colon?


Keyword string is split by semicolon character in xml and other output files. If you use comma instead of semicolon, your output files would not contain keywords in correct form.
You can change this behavior in source code, but keywords may contain comma and this would be confusing.

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Thanks for the quick answer, although I’m not really sure I understood it.

Several articles were added (using the Quick Submit Plugin) and their respective keywords were manually typed in, separated by commas.
Your answer tells me these keywords are probably messed up because we didn’t follow the exact instructions (use semi-colon), correct?

I don’t want to change the default behavior, I wanted to try and correct it and replace the commas with semi-colons in the keyword strings in a more “automatic” fashion.

Yes, you should correct it and stick to the developers rules!
As far as I know there is no easy way to correct the keywords. You could manually change the database, which is faster but NEVER recommended.

Yeah, I tried checking the database for the keywords, but there’s no keyword sequence string. Each keyword is a different row, so no luck there :S