Keywords Problem

Hi Ojs Team @bozana, @israel.cefrin , @asmecher

I have a big problem with keywords, i know in OJS 3, all keywords store in ‘controlled_vocab_entry_settings’ but in ojs 2.4.8 keywords stored as submission_settings
and when i convert database they didn’t convert !
so all my article doesn’t have any keywords…:frowning:

i need your help to solve this problem

Hi @mbabaei

Hmmm… That is strange, because the keywords should be migrated, in the function migrateArticleMetadata: ojs/ at ojs-3_1_1-4 · pkp/ojs · GitHub.
I do not know what went wrong… :-
Is there a possibility for you to retry the upgrade again and try to debug it?
If everything else is just fine with your upgrade, maybe you could try to write a script that would help migrate them now, using both DBs, your old and new one…


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Hi @bozana again
If I want to speak honestly, no i couldn’t convert data + files again !
I will not really be able to revert and convert. because in my ojs there is 50 journals and all journals are working on their journals.
I want to help me by writing a script or code to do convert just these keywords.
I have to add that all the keywords in the new ojs have been converted to the settings_value in the submission_settings table. But in the new ojs, the keyword structure is another form and is stored on another table.

Thanks in advanced

I have de same problem with de keywords.
There is no any sql to upgrade them ??? There is no posible to repeat de upgrade.


Hi @mbabaei and @Enrique_Manuel_Touce

Actually I am wondering why that upgrade of keywords did not work in your cases – it is rather unusual…
I will see if I can help with a script that could help you both migrate the keywords afterwords/now…


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Thnks for your reply .

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Dear @bozana

Do you have such a script to add keywords to articles afterwords?

We have transferred a journal from another system to OJS and the keywords were not unfortunately imported via the OJS-XML. Now we have made changes to the articles in OJS so we don’t want to import them again.

To paste the keywords to the field among the metadata of each article takes a lot of time since you also have to press enter for each keyword you enter!

I use OJS 3.1.2-1

Best regards,