Keywords Problem



Hi Ojs Team @bozana, @israel.cefrin , @asmecher

I have a big problem with keywords, i know in OJS 3, all keywords store in ‘controlled_vocab_entry_settings’ but in ojs 2.4.8 keywords stored as submission_settings
and when i convert database they didn’t convert !
so all my article doesn’t have any keywords…:frowning:

i need your help to solve this problem


Hi @mbabaei

Hmmm… That is strange, because the keywords should be migrated, in the function migrateArticleMetadata:
I do not know what went wrong… :-
Is there a possibility for you to retry the upgrade again and try to debug it?
If everything else is just fine with your upgrade, maybe you could try to write a script that would help migrate them now, using both DBs, your old and new one…



Hi @bozana again
If I want to speak honestly, no i couldn’t convert data + files again !
I will not really be able to revert and convert. because in my ojs there is 50 journals and all journals are working on their journals.
I want to help me by writing a script or code to do convert just these keywords.
I have to add that all the keywords in the new ojs have been converted to the settings_value in the submission_settings table. But in the new ojs, the keyword structure is another form and is stored on another table.

Thanks in advanced


I have de same problem with de keywords.
There is no any sql to upgrade them ??? There is no posible to repeat de upgrade.



Hi @mbabaei and @Enrique_Manuel_Touce

Actually I am wondering why that upgrade of keywords did not work in your cases – it is rather unusual…
I will see if I can help with a script that could help you both migrate the keywords afterwords/now…



Thnks for your reply .