Keywords input missing

Hi folk! We migrated a OJS 2 instance to OJS 3 and it went fairly smoothly. The site is public so I’m going to go ahead and link parts of it to illustrate what I am seeing. Some of the older articles that are migrated contain keywords and those display fairly well:

However, we can not find where you can actually enter keywords in for a new article. This is further confounded by looking in the online gitbook at:
Where in Step 3 you can see Additional Refinements and Keywords. Neither of those show on our submit article page.

I had read in a few places that Keywords were not entirely fleshed out yet in OJS3, but that was a bit ago and since it shows up in the online manual, I figured maybe it is officially supported now? If so, any idea why I am missing that section entirely? What provides that? Thanks! We are running the latest release, 3.0.2.

Hi @Daniel_Henninger,

Glad to hear that the upgrade has gone relatively smoothly! Have a look at Settings > Workflow > Submissions, and ensure that the fields you want to enable are checked off.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

I am not believing how easy that was and how much we overlooked it! LOL

Well thank you very much!!!