Keywords and Navigation Bar in OJS 3.0.2

Although I filled out the keyword field, but when paper published, the keyword is not displayed.
For example, this journal
Additional, can you show me how to add navigation bar (e.g. for author, home, current, about, …) that appear at the top of page?. And how to make banner display full screen?. It’s easy to do that in OJS 2x but I cant find in OJS 3.

Please help me
Thank you so much.

The first question is discussed here: Display of keywords in OJS I think that it would be fairly easy to solve that problem, but I am still waiting for a response regarding the two questions I asked in the last message of that thread.

Question two, you have to edit the template that contains the navigation banner or create an own theme and add an edited navigation banner template there. In OJS3.1 they are planning to have a built-in navigation management

Question three about the banner, I actually am not entirely sure what you mean, but I think it depends on the theme you are using.

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