Keyword cloud does not show key words

We have recently started a journal and upgraded to ojs3.2.1-1. We have installed keywords from the plugin gallery but it showed folder not found, so I manually uploaded the latest code through upload plugin. It worked well, but it had a problem that it was not getting new keywords even after 72 hours of publishing a new article with keywords. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it through installed plugin settings. It worked and it showed a few more keywords but not from all articles. For the last two days, it stopped showing any keywords on the sidebar. There is only a heading of keywords on the sidebar.
Kindly help in this matter.

We will be releasing an updated version of this plugin soon. With this update, we hope you will be able to use it from the gallery.

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Thanks abadan for the information. But why the plugin stopped showing keywords? will it not be an issue with new plugin?