Keyword cloud block does not appear where it is positioned

In the Journal Setup/Look I defined that Keyword Cloud Block should be on the left side but it does not show up there. Any reason why this may happen?
Flushed cache several times and reloaded page but it does not show up.

See screenshot.

Do you use any custom CSS with structural pseudo-classes ( ) that might make your box disappear? Also, you might not really see the Keyword Cloud Block if no article with keywords has been published yet.

I do not use any nth-child classes.
There are approx 600 articles in our OJS. So, it should collect keywords.
It did not appear after indexing articles either.

Please advise

Maybe it helps to understand the problem. I discovered that when I remove role-specifc block the navigation block disappeared too, but Cloud keyword block did not show up either.


Do you see any errors in your webserver’s error log?

No, there are no specific errors in Apache log.


Is there a public link to the journal that you can share?

the public link is: