Journal web-page inaccessible

We have been using OJS software (version 2.x) to manage
journal site -

But the page seems to be unavailable now, it reads only -

Deprecated: Non-static method PKPApplication::defineExposedConstant() should not be called statically in /data02/virt40340/domeenid/ on line 556

Deprecated: Non-static method PKPApplication::getExposedConstants() should not be called statically in /data02/virt40340/domeenid/ on line 524

What does that mean and what to do?

This might be related to the version of PHP running on your server. PHP is the main programming language OJS is written in, and it could have been updated by the people who maintain your server.

There is a new version of PHP, version 7, which introduces some differences to older versions, version 5.x. The error messages you have posted indicate that this might be the problem in your case as well.

There is a patch available on GitHub which could help you solve the issue: Ensure PHP7 compatibility · Issue #1118 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub