Journal Settings Preservation

We’ve mostly successfully completed a staged OJS 2 → 3 migration (save a character encoding issue that I’m working through). The Journal Editors are learning about the new system in our staged environment. They are not using the environment for their journal management at this point. The plan is to knock down the staging environment and rebuild it with the update steps we’ve identified from the OJS 2 instance that we still have running in production.

I was curious if there was a quick/easy/simple way that settings such as appearance, theme selection and other new settings such as the pagination setting could be “kept” and overlaid once we do the “final” migration of our production system from OJS 2 > OJS 3. We’ve given the journal managers instructions to record the settings changes that they make and like what they do, however, if we can make the transition smoother for them… so much the better.

Thanks again, +A