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Hallo everyone,
We have been requested to change the name of a journal we host in our multi-site installation.
I am concerned about the consequences of this on indexing, archives, citations, searching, journal abbreviation, DOIs, SEO, etc., and wondered if anyone has any advice about or experience with this?
Running OJS
Thank you.

Mainly with Crossref for the activation of the DOIs, because it validates the title of the journal and the ISSN, if the title changes, the DOIs cannot be deposited, the system will tell you that the ISSN is already assigned to another publication (journal).

So changing the name of a journal necessitates it having a new ISSN? I am also awaiting advice from Crossref. Many thanks!

I don’t know in the country where you live, but in Mexico we use the registry of the rights to use the name (of the journal) and with that registry we obtain the ISSN. If the name changes, we have to make a new record and notify the ISSN center that there was a change in the name of the journal. I would like to imagine that they decide if a new ISSN is needed or they can leave it.

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ISSN came from International Sandard Serial Number, so rules are the same in all the globe.

As Dago said, a new title (even is a single coma) means a new ISSN.
With the subtitle they are a little bit more flexible (you can even ask them to be translated).

@dagosalas , @marc , Thank you both.


A discussion of some related issues (title changes, ISSN, …) can also be found here: [OJS] Evalute PIE-J best practice recommendations · Issue #2505 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub