Journal Manager referred to as Site Administrator

I have checked my Journal’s settings with information on recent version of OJS. However, the contact mail referred to is my own as Journal Manager / Editor. It is not that of the Site Administrator.
Also, the Administrator cannot edit my account’s profile. I feel this will affect updating of my Journal.
What should the Site Administrator do to reverse this?
I am using OJS 3.3.0-4

Do you mean the contact information in Site Settings → Information?

  • How are you going about this - are you using the “Login As” feature to be able to edit this?

PKP Team

or me, I have direct access to my journal’s account through the normal Login. It is the Site Administrator who does not have access through the main Journal Host Website.
My main concern is why my email address appears where that of the Site Administrator should be.

Hi @nimulola,

Hmm… have you assigned the site admin any roles within your journal? It is likely that your address is noted as the contact address in the site-wide settings, which are in Administration - Site Settings - Information (By the way, you appear to be running OJS version 3.3.0-13 - not 3.4.0-3 as you had indicated in your initial post)

PKP Team