Journal main menu reordering

Hello all,

Is it possible to rearrange menu items?
I need to move the “Categories” link to be the last item.
First, it doesn’t belong on the main menu at journal level.
Secondly, categories should be used to organize journals on site view, when viewing the list of journals not elsewhere. Also, a block plugin showing “other publications” will make it less intrusive on individual journal pages.

Now, since this is not possible right now (I hope this category thing has been improved for OJS 3!), we’ve changed the translation to “Other publications”, as that’s what it really means (but points to the category list, instead of the home page with the journals within their categories). Now, we’d like, if possible to move it to the end of the list.

Is this possible, and easy to do?

Answering my own question, yes… it’s pretty easy to do…
Just edit templates/common/navbar.tpl and move the desired link to the end of the list, duh…