Journal is not open access after upgrade

Hi all. We have upgraded our ojs to 3.1.2-4 successfuly. Some journals are not open access and login page shows regardless of the link. It should be mentioned that the two check boxes in “site access options” are unchecked which means the site is open access. Even in the database the two settings are equal to zero:

Any help would be appreciated.

Resolved the issue:
Go to settings->distribution->permissions and click “Reset Article Permissions”

We still have the same issue on some of our journals and my previous resolution does not apply here.
Every click on the journal lands on login page including registration.
Site Access and User access options are all OK.
I mean the following options are enabled:
" The journal will provide open access to its contents." is selected and
“Additional Site and Article Access Restrictions” are unchecked.
What should we do? It is somehow weird!
Looking forward to some clues.

I got the issue. Those journals where “hidden”.