Jgate XML Plugin

I have recently come across a plugin for Jgate database in GitHub (GitHub - josille/ojs-plugins: OJS plug-ins). I followed the given instructions and installed the plugin in the correct path. I do have crossref DOI prefix which is set in the system and DOIs are registered automatically. However, when I want to export XMLs through jgate plugin, the following message appears;
A valid DOI prefix must be specified in the Journal Setup in order to use this plugin.

Any solution would be highly appreciated.

You should try contacting the person who wrote that plugin.

The plugin is fairly old, so could be that it is just not compatible with the OJS version you are using.

Thank you for your message. I have tried so, but no feedback as of yet. The OJS that I am using is 2.4.8.

I am not familiar with the history of the CrossRef plugin in OJS, but I can imagine that during the last four years there has been a lot of changes there. So even if you manage to contact the author, it could be that the changes needed to the plugin are extensive. But I could be wrong of course.

The plugin is looking for the prefix here: ojs-plugins/index.tpl at e63d347055b26e75a869fbdcb2adfe100b5b898c · josille/ojs-plugins · GitHub with
$journal->getSetting('doiPrefix'), and this is how they retrieve it in 2.4.8 $doiPubIdPlugin->getSetting($journalId, 'doiPrefix');, see ojs/CrossrefInfoSender.inc.php at ojs-stable-2_4_8 · pkp/ojs · GitHub

This is probably not the only thing that has changed.

I have the same problem, if you got the solution, it would be appreciated if you could share

@sherafzal can you help to install jgate plugin in OJS

@hussainyousaf Did you get someone to install the plugin?
@sherafzal Did you get any solution?