Jatsxml from docxconverter cannot open on lens viewer


I am using OJS 3.3. Installed plugin GitHub - Vitaliy-1/docxConverter: Plugin for OJS 3 that parses DOCX and converts it to JATS XML format and success to convert docx to jats xml. and it working well editing with texture. I activate lens viewer plugin to display this xml. However, after click the xml on galley after publish. The file do not appear. Its keep loading. Are the xml created by docxconverter not supported by lens viewer plugin?

Hi @tanzilmultazam,

Ideally, generated JATS XML should be supported by any app that deals with this format. I suspect Lens doesn’t support some tags that DOCX Converter produces but, unfortunately, I can’t help here. Did you try other plugin to display JATS XML, like JATS Parser Plugin or Lens Galley BITS modification?