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We have installed and enabled the iThenticate plugin. It works as it meant, which is already a big step, but I would like to propose some steps for improvement:

  1. Instead of creating a directory for each submission, I would recommend uploading the files in “Section name” directories. This is the one hand resolves the problem that settings of iThenticate folders cannot be set to a default value, and also, the submission ID is not that informative, although .
  2. Not all files should be uploaded for checking, only the main file, “Article” in our case. It might be good if it can be set somewhere.
  3. For some unknown reason so far, some of the submissions upload the article 2 or even 3 times. This should not happen, as we pay for each article uploaded to iThenticate, even if they are the same…

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Hi @bog,

Just checking about the duplicates – the upload to iThenticate happens at the start of submission step 4. If the files are large it might take a moment for that page to display. Is it possible that users are reloading it?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Yes, that is possible. But I thought it uploads it at very end, when the author confirms submission. Is it even possible to revise the earlier steps many times reaching Step 4 but not going through it, so that would result many uploads???

Hi @asmecher,

We have had the exact same problem and I think the team added a patch or something to the plugin (?). I am not 100% sure the problem was solved as we ultimately decided to manually upload submissions instead (i.e. we have disabled the plugin), but in case it helps, you can take a look at ticket “#1116 FNR - Ithenticate plugin feeds too many files” in Accelo.

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Hi @OpenAcademia / @bog,

Thanks for the reminder, @OpenAcademia!

The issue you’re referring to is documented here: Plugin puts submission files for one submission in multiple folders · Issue #3 · asmecher/plagiarism · GitHub

I haven’t been able to merge that change officially because it depends on the third-party library accepting a new function. I’ve sent the maintainer a friendly reminder.

@bog, in the meantime, the two patches listed (one for the third-party library, one for the iThenticate plugin) may help, if what you’re encountering seems like the same thing described there.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher,

thanks, we will try those patches out. Please inform us if any of my suggestion is taken into consideration.

Thanks a lot,

Hi @asmecher
Not sure if this is the correct forum category but can you advise on the following?

We (UTS ePRESS) had our 10 x OJS journals linked to iThenticate 2.x and each new article submission received by a journal on OJS went into a single folder in iTh. I.e., Many submissions went to one iTh folder and journal managers could access that single folder whenever necessary to check many submissions. Now with OJS 3 it seems to have been configured so each new OJS journal article submission generates a new folder in iTh which means we (Admin) have to go in and share each new folder with the journal manager. This effectively takes the automated feature out of what was an excellent system and makes iTh use incredibly cumbersome to the point of redundancy.

Can you advise if it is absolutely necessary for iTh to generate a new folder per submission or can OJS 3 send many submissions to a single “once shared” iTh folder? If not do you or others know of another work around to keep iTh accessible for our journal managers?

Many thanks!


Hi @ScottAbbott,

I’ve responded to your other post – please try to post a question in the single best place you can find, as multiple posts can clutter the forum.

Alec Smecher
Public knowledge Project Team