1:1 generation of folders in iThenticate for each OJS submission after upgrade from OJS 2.x

  • Application Version - OJS
  • Description of issue:

We (UTS ePRESS) had our 10 x OJS journals linked to iThenticate 2.x and each new article submission received by a journal on OJS went into a single folder in iTh. I.e., Many submissions went to one iTh folder and journal managers could access that single “once shared” folder whenever necessary to check many submissions. Now with OJS 3 it seems to have been configured so each new OJS journal article submission generates a new folder in iTh which means we (Admin) have to go in and share each new folder with the journal manager. This effectively takes the automated feature out of what was an excellent system and makes iTh use incredibly cumbersome to the point of redundancy.

Can you advise if it is absolutely necessary for iTh to generate a new folder per submission or can OJS 3 send many submissions to a single “once shared” iTh folder? If not do you or others know of another work around to keep iTh accessible for our journal managers?

Many thanks!


Hi @ScottAbbott,

I’m unfortunately not very familiar with iThenticate’s access controls, so I’m not sure if there’s a more efficient way to be using them – but you’re correct that the OJS 3.x iThenticate plugin places each submission’s files in a folder created for that submission. That’s to better support submissions that are sent in multiple files – something OJS 2.x didn’t support very well. It’s possible to alter the plugin code to stop it from doing this, but I think the per-folder organization makes logical sense, and wonder whether there’s something that could be configured on the iThenticate side to help manage permissions?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

To ask iThenticate to help manage permissions is a great idea.

I will get back to them.

Thanks so much