Items not found when exporting DOI


This is my first time using the DOIExportPlugin since we performed a major OJS upgrade. When I go to export the issue, this is what I see (pasted below) - the ITEMS column says 0 for the newest issue (Vol 3 No 1).

I have entered the DOIs as public identifiers on the TOC page (see below), but they do not seem to be recognized by the plugin. Please advise.

Thanks, Pietro

Hi @pmichelu

The “Public ID” is something else – it is the string that will be shown in the URL instead of the article number/id.
In order to assign the DOIs you would have to use the DOI plugin (Journal Management > System Plugins > Public Identifier Plugins). After enabled, the plugin has to be configured, e.g. the DOI prefix has to be entered, the kind of suffixes defined, etc. When configured, the DOIs will be automatically generated and saved for each published article, as soon as someone accesses that article, e.g. when someone reads or exports that article. If you do not want a DOI to be assigned to an article, you can exclude that article as editor in article metadata form. In the article metadata form you can also see the preview of the DOI, before the article is published, or define a custom DOI suffix (if you have configured the plugin to use the custom suffixes). There is also a possibility to exclude all articles of an issue from assigning them DOIs – you would do that on the Issue Data page/form.

Hope this helps…

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Yes - thank you! I forgot that the DOI field was on the metadata page. Your helpful instructions reoriented me.

Thanks again,