Issues with the DOI-CrossRef automatic registration


Hi there,
I have been trying to register all the articles of a journal in OJS through the Exportation plugin of CrossRef XML.
First I had an error related to the publication date of the issues and we solved it and now another error is showing up and I do not know exactly where it could be.
We have checked the username and password for CrossRef and it seems that everything is ok…

I have also checked some topics on this forum, but the error seems to be different that ours.

It says the following:
No se pudo realizar el registro. El servidor de registro DOI ha devuelto un error: ‘No response from server.’. (The register could not be done. The server of the DOI register has given an error: No response from server).

I have also tried to export the XML for all the articles with the plugin but it shows a white screen. It seems that it has nothing to do with the amount of articles, because I have also tried only checking one or few articles each time.

Someone has some solution for this?

Thank you very much.

The message of “No response from server” indicates that your server is having trouble connecting to the CrossRef server at .

Some possible considerations:

You can get details on the white screen at export by looking at your web server’s error log: