Issues with recaptcha - "You did not pass the validation check used to prevent spam submissions"

  • Application Version - , OS: Ubuntu

  • Description of issue : recaptcha shoots out the following error for new user registration every time " Errors occurred processing this form:

  • [You did not pass the validation check used to prevent spam submissions.]"

  • Steps you took leading up to the issue : Tried fopen on and off , went through the forums, tried version new recaptacha keys


Please help been struggling for the last week, been through all the topics on the forum and be searching google to the point hair coming out.

Help would be appreciated, Thank you

P.s : if i disable the re-captcha form works perfectly , but do not want to do that

Hi @sarfaraz

Have you confirmed you are using the correct domain public/secret keys? Does the recaptcha box show up to your users when they attempt to register?


Yes i have confirmed

  • recaptcha show up when register, once you complete it and click submit after populating all the fields the issue happens
  • disabled the recaptcha and the form works fine

Not sure what else i can test or see.

-Created a dev enviroment and tested with the recaptcha code and it works

Hi @sarfaraz

Could you please clear the OJS cache using:
$ rm -f cache/*.php && rm -f cache/t_compile/*.php

And re-renabling the recaptacha test it again?



Apologies for late reply this did not seem to work as well, I inherited the system , so think i am going to create a new server and move everything over.

Thank you