Issues with DOI Plugin after OJS 3.4 Upgrade

Hi everyone,

We recently upgraded our Open Journal Systems to version 3.4 and are experiencing some problems with the DOI plugin. I’d appreciate any insights or assistance the community can offer.


  1. Missing DOI Link Block: After the upgrade, the block that previously displayed the DOI link for published articles has disappeared. Could this be related to changes in the general OJS HTML markup?

  2. DOI Prefix check: We manage multiple journals on our OJS platform. All journals currently share the same DOI prefix (10.13165) with unique suffixes (e.g., 10.13165/VPA for Journal A and 10.13165/IE for Journal B). When checking these DOIs on, the first one redirects to the journal’s homepage, which is OK, while the second one correctly redirects to the specific issue. Is this a potential error in the DOI plugin’s, or problems with settings?

  3. Unregistered DOIs: After the upgrade, all DOI 's article input fields display “Unregistered” label, is it a flag? Or we would press → Bulk Actions → Assign DOI?

  4. Assigning DOI to Issue: We’re unable to assign the correct DOI to a specific issue. The screenshot attached shows that the latest issue has a valid DOI, but attempts to assign a DOI with special characters to the previous issue result in the characters being stripped out. Why is this happening?

Thank you!

Hey, nobody knows that!?