Issues while upgrading ojs

I was upgrading from OJS 2.4.2 to OJS 3.1.2

Code version:
Database version:
Latest version:

I downloaded version 3.1.2 from the website as zip file extracted the file in the servers’s html folder created back up of my db copied files directory to the VM and run upgrade

At First I got - Cannot load record: invalid context id. in /var/www/html/ojsNew/lib/pkp/classes/statistics/

Somewhere in the forum I got solution that if we have previously removed some journals from the OJS and journals are still present in the [counter_monthly_log] table then the above mentioned error occurs. Then I searched all the tables in the database for valid journal IDs by search clause “where journal_id not in(valid id from the journal table and the id 0)” and remove all entries from the tables and run the upgrade again. Now I am getting

DB Error: Table 'ojms16.usage_stats_temporary_records' doesn't exist

ojs2: DB Error: Table 'ojms16.usage_stats_temporary_records' doesn't exist

and you could figure out from the database name that Its 16th time now that I am trying for the update to finish successfully. I have also got a large database of around 6GB and it takes about 10 hrs to upgrade and it is really frustating when it returns error . I just want to ask what should I do now to finish it successfully

Here is the out put:

[code: Installer Installer::migrateTimedViewsUsageStatistics]

DB Error: Table 'ojms16.usage_stats_temporary_records' doesn't exist

ojs2: DB Error: Table 'ojms16.usage_stats_temporary_records' doesn't exist

I checked the website by setting installed on in the and I am getting my journal up and running without css and pdf links not working. I just want to know if there is a way to get it working without running the upgrade again and waiting for the error to come again.

Here is the journal link

did you copy the public directory from ojs 2.4.2 to the new ojs 3.1.2 before upgrade?

yes of course. The public directory is also copied just forgot to list down there.

Waiting for your response.