Issues when downloading a pdf docx files on firefox and other web browsers

using OJS

I created a block which is a link that download a docx and pdf formats template using custom block manager plugin the issue appears when I click on the link didnt appear the file to be downloaded instead of that appears a broken file (attach images). This issue only happen in firefox and opera web browsers.

Hi @Carlos_Alberto_Rivad,

  1. Can you clarify your usage of the Custom Block plugin and how it relates to these issues: are you using it to host links to these files?
  2. Is this occurring for different .pdf .docx files across multiple articles, or just for a particular one?
  3. Perhaps you could send a link to your site: I will have a closer look.

Best regards,

PKP Team

  1. yes I am using them to host links to these files
  2. this only happen on .docx files using mozilla firefox it doesnt let me open or save the file