Issues Encountered in Generic plugins

Hi! Can anyone help us solve our problem in our OJS? whenever we try to edit our generic plugins.
This error will always show (Failed ajax request or invalid JSON returned) … we don’t know how to solve it or what causes the problem—especially the custom block manager.

Annotation 2021-02-15 012756
(we don’t have access to the PHP log error of the server, this is just the screenshot from the inspect element)

json error1

custom block loader

I hope somebody can help with our problem we badly need it. Thank you so much!

we were using OJS Version

The log from browser is very limited on providing more detailed information about the cause of this error.

It is better to get info from server error log to give clue what should you need to tackle this issue.

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Noted sir … Thank you so much for this info sir …

My pleasure :slightly_smiling_face:
Hope it will help other user that facing same problem.

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