Issue with upgrade of OJS from 2.4.8 to 3.0

Hello, I am doing upgrade from OJS 2.4.8-1 to OJS 3.0 of one journal with more than 600 articles. I experienced difficulties that some articles are in upgrade to 3.0 disoplayed twice (one without articles and one with proper articles). Some issues of journal are missing and in some it is written that there are 14 articles but pdf files are not there.
During upgrade I got information that upgrade was successfull.
Please see attach which presents duplicate entries.

Please advise

Hi @vvucic,

These issues will be tough to debug in such abstract terms. Can you focus on one of the problems you’re experiencing, and describe it in as much detail as possible?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


I changed version of environment and everything went well. It seems to me that changes in xampp or other similar packages influence reading of database.
Thanks anyway