Issue with installing OJS 3


I am trying to install OJS 3 on my website.
After filling the administrator account information when I click on the “install open journal systems” it immediately goes to the top of the page keeping all information that I added to the requested fields.

Does anyone have any idea what’s going wrong?

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I think, you have not filled all mandatory questions/requests.

Just check out what you missed ?


Definitely, I filled all mandatory and optional fields.
Should I use an specific browser?

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Hi @araz

Do you see any error messages?



No nothing at all

Is there anyone who can configure this for me?
Definitely it will be compensated properly :slight_smile:

Hi @araz,

Can you post a full screenshot of the page? (Obscure anything that you don’t want made public.)

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Please see the screenshots below:


Hi @araz,

The only different thing seems to be your DB host, so are you sure this is the correct host, you can contact/connect to from your OJS server?
Also, the DB user has to be able to create a new DB there – because you have selected that option. I suppose that DB should then also not already exist there.
Maybe you can also first manually create a new DB, provide that DB user (that you also use on the install page) appropriate grants, and then do not user “Create new database” checkbox.

And above all I am wondering why you do not see any error or so… :open_mouth:

Hmmm… :thinking: