Issue with a constant, the value is too small

Hi there,

i have an issue with the constant COMPONENT_ROUTER_PARTS_MAXLENGTH. The value is 50 but a router part (handler class name) in my plugin has a length of 52 hence the route will not be found (router part validation fails, router part too long). Is there a reason why 50 was chosen instead of a higher value? Any chance we can increase the value?

I’m sorry for the title of this post but i cannot include “COMPONENT_ROUTER_PARTS_MAXLENGTH” otherwise i get “Is this a sentence?” and cannot submit the form.

So lonG

Bump to get an answer :grin:

Hi @j1shin,

That limit was chosen simply because it’s been long enough for our purposes. Feel free to submit a pull request in that increases the limit for a future release.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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