Issue cover image caption

Version: OJS

Part 1: Question

When you create an issue cover with an image you are able to add a caption. The same image will also appear on the ToC page, but without the caption. Why no caption? If you’re including copyright info for a photograph, you should really want to keep it next to the image.

Part 2: Suggestion

Since the system seems to create a thumbnail of a cover image to go in the issue listing, use that thumbnail on the ToC page instead of the cover image. Design-wise, I want a nice large cover image, but do not need or want the same size image on the ToC.


Hi @nla

Actually the cover caption is/should be displayed, s. for example here: Bd. 16 Nr. 4 (2015) | querelles-net.

Currently, the cover image size is defined in the template and in CSS, and it can be adjusted with CSS – it is not a great solution, but it is so for now. I.e. no new (thumbnail) image is created – thus, it is also good to upload the exact cover image size, that you would like to have, for the page to load more quickly. S. for example the adjusted cover image size here


Thanks so much for the sanity check. Upon more investigation, it appears my problem is due to a tweak on our end … so let’s ignore the whole topic!